Exoria WAR Edition This will be world two for retro Exoria players; Prepare your guild and invite all your friends for the epic wars going to happen!
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The war started

6183 kills

NeVer GivE Up

3168 kills


1577 kills


1482 kills
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28 Jun 2020 -
!releasehearts for level 20k and higher will give +100...
!releasehearts for level 20k and higher will give +100 levels instead of 50.
21 Jun 2020 -
Diath now receives 50% more damage from physical damage,...
Diath now receives 50% more damage from physical damage, this is to give Knights and Paladins an equal share of the exp at team hunting.
19 Jun 2020 -
Wyrm Castle now gives double exp in order to adjust the exp...
Wyrm Castle now gives double exp in order to adjust the exp of it for high level players. The monster exp was quite outdated.
16 Jun 2020 -
Desintegrate runes now removes everything on the tile they...
Desintegrate runes now removes everything on the tile they are being used on. Happy pushing ;)
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Welcome to Exoria-OT
Last joined us: Sztangowicz Ms, player number 2239. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Hazhi (17039). Congratulations!
Server motd: Welcome to the WAR Exoria-OT!
Free Houses: 264
Rented Houses: 106
Accounts in database: 1108
Players in database: 2239
Banned accounts: 461
Guilds in databese: 32

July 5 2020 - Dice Event tomorrow with rewards!


Dice event tomorrow on 6 of July at 19:00 CEST the following event will be held by "King Hamster" at Depot!

This dice event will consist of 3 games
1-(high or low) high (4-5-6) low (1-2-3)

2-pick the number you simply pick a number then the host roll if you get it right you win

3-blackjack -the aim of this is to get a number higher than your opponent but still lower than 21 the event will start by each player rolling 3 times for example if you got (6-6-6) that means 18 you have two options now 1-play again if you get 1,2,3 that equals 21 or less but if you got 4,5,6 that is more than 21 then you will lose, (u will be competing against the event host)
each player have 1 turn the reward will be either don items or gis.


Dice event bukra 6 july el sa3a 7 blel fel depot hosted by King Hamster

haib2a mt2sm 3 fakrat
1-el fakra el oula (High/low) dah enta bt5tar ema high (4-5-6) aw low (1-2-3) ya3ni law e5tart high w el dice gat 5 teksb

2-el fakra el tanya hatb2a black jack w dah koul wa7d bilf el dice 3 mrat w b3deha bikrr ema ykml aw ybtl w eli bigeb rakm akbr men el tany biksb pas bshart en el raqm maizdsh 3an 21 law 3ada 21 t5sr ya3ni macln ana gebt 6-6-6 kida 18 law l3bt mara kaman w gebt 3 aw 2a2l yb2a kida 21 law gebt 4 aw aktr yb2a kida ana 5srt enma law 2oult stop w el la3b el tany le3b w gab macln 6-6-6 kida 18 law l3b kman w gab 3 yb2a 21 yksb << msh shart twsl le 21 pas raqm a3la men eli 2odamk w 2a2l men 21

3-el fakra el talta hatb2a pick the number w deh sahla 5als bnlf el enta bt2oul raqm men 1 le 6 w ana balf el dice law tl3 sa7 enta btksb
El kawanen mt3mlsh spam w koul player y5ls doro w ytl3 leli b3du
El prizes don items aw vip aw gis

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July 1 2020 - Important Game changes and season reset
Important announcement:

As per our players request the following will be done:

1. BattlePower is going to be removed.

2. Prices for donations for gold bars in game will be significantly reduced to speed up the process of obtaining the items and jumping into the battle for free to play players.

3. Nobility system is to be disabled.

4. Players level and states will reset back to 2000 with a 4% protection set, a better set than the one you login with is also available at level 10k.

5. All premium points purchased are going to be refunded on the same accounts.

6. Weekly guild wars will and manually organized open battles by gamemasters will acquire season ranks for players. Guild ranks do not contribute into any damage or defense aspect of the game, its an iconic thing to show where your guild stands among the field of battle.

7. The server will start again on Friday 3rd of July at 17:00 CEST / 5:00 PM Egypt time.

Thank you,
GM Exoria

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June 14 2020 - WARS ARE LIVE NOW!


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Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1 - Hazhi
1 Lvl: 17039
2 - Hazzi
2 Lvl: 17018
3 - El Jokar
3 Lvl: 16956
4 - Ninja
Lvl: 16676
5 - Sheriff
Lvl: 16552
6 - Aizendaza
Lvl: 16457
7 - Borp Rp
Lvl: 16267
8 - Sirjamless
Lvl: 16154
9 - Nalix
Lvl: 16096
10 - Bebo Mohamed
Lvl: 16095
Castle 24h